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Mandy Lin

Mandy Lin


Boot Camp Coach | Certified Personal Trainer

In high school, Mandy competed in Track and Field as a shotput and discus thrower, but was not properly coached due to limited resources. With the guidance of upperclassmen, Mandy taught herself how to properly throw and powerlift. After shocking herself by deadlifting more than double her body weight, Mandy decided to pursue a higher education in kinesiology to learn more about the wonders of the human body. Mandy is currently a kinesiology student at the University of San Francisco, and is especially interested in functional training. She believes that training to perform daily activities more efficiently and without injury will help prolong and maintain independence, allowing for a more fulfilling life. Mandy hopes to use her knowledge to help others improve their athletic abilities and lead a better fitness lifestyle.

  • University of San Francisco (USF) – Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology – In Process
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) – Certified Personal Trainer