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Anna Trickel

Anna Trickel


Co-Owner | Certified Personal Trainer 

Anna is a mom to two girls and a full time critical care nurse. Being a mother, she is highly aware of body image and insecurities. Being in the intensive care health field, she has seen what a poor lifestyle can lead to. Both have spurned Anna on to wanting to improve client health and fitness. As a personal trainer, Anna looks forward to the journey of her client. She understands the pitfalls and frustrations, but also revels in successes of each individual.

Anna is quite patient and understanding, but is also persistent and passionate. For her, there is nothing like seeing someone perform an exercise or complete a training session when they didn’t think they were capable. With Anna you will always have constant support and encouragement to help you find that healthy, happy place – body and mind.

  •  University of San Francisco (USF) – Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  •  UCSF Medical Center employee since 2000
  •  American Heart Association, BLS ACLS certified
  •  ACE Personal Trainer Certified
  •  Interests: Shaolin Kenpo Martial Arts, photography, reading, traveling